Sandy Weber

Grey House Linens can trace its roots to my home just outside of New York City, and in particular, to my mom. She loved to entertain, and taught me that a beautiful table creates the tone for every event. My mother impressed upon me that good food and good company deserve a fabulous table setting.

The lesson is timeless Unfortunately, anyone who has searched for beautiful tablecloths knows that the selection is limited, and cloths for large or unusually-shaped tables are nearly impossible to find. If I couldn’t find a tablecloth that I liked or that fit my own table, clearly this was a niche that needed to be filled. Driven by frustration with the existing marketplace, a passion for beautiful textiles, and the help and support of talented friends, Grey House Linens was created. I’m fortunate to have access to some of the finest textile design houses in the country and to have my linens crafted at Drake Mills in Paterson, NJ, a city with a history of textile production that dates back to Alexander Hamilton. It’s extremely satisfying to provide my clients with gorgeous, bespoke table linens that reflect their personal design aesthetic, from traditional and classic to contemporary and modern. It’s my mission to become your source for exceptional table linens, supported by outstanding, personalized customer service.

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